Solicitation Statement 2017

Payroll Giving in Action is a professional fundraising organisation. We provide fundraising services to charities throughout the United Kingdom. Our Appeal is to attract regular, ongoing committed givers to charity and we work with charities on a rolling yearly basis. Representation is free allowing funds to be raised without risk and at low cost. Only if support is generated from our work are we paid by the charities we represent (please visit for a full charity list). The average life of a Payroll Giver is 7 years. Last year our work resulted in £3.1 million pounds per annum pledged to charities , our remuneration for generating this income was £675,500 This year we estimate that our annual remuneration will also be £675,500.The cost of this was proportionally shared (in accordance with donations made) by the 260 charities we are contracted to.

This represents an investment of less than 3p in the £1 from all the donations the charity expects to receive as a result of this campaign. This figure is lower if your employer matches your donation.

Payroll Giving in Action
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