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Many of us are familiar with the need to reduce our carbon footprint and know that, by reducing, reusing and recycling, we can make a real difference. But did you know that tree planting can have a positive impact too? A donation to our Woodland Carbon project will allow us to plant and care for new native woodland right here in the UK, creating valuable green spaces for people and wildlife alike.

We calculate that £25 will allow us to create 25m² of woodland and this will capture and store one tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

Our woodland creation process will be independently audited every year and we will publish the data on where we have planted these trees and how much woodland has been created.

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Making Woodland Carbon your next step is easy ...

By using Woodland Carbon as a method of carbon capture and storage you can specify a level of unavoidable emissions that you would like to compensate for.

For every £25 donation we receive we can create enough woodland to capture one tonne of CO₂.

You can use the guideline amounts on the left or go to Act On CO₂ to calculate a more accurate emissions level for the activity you want to capture.

Then fill in the details below and let nature do its thing!

Note: You can change the amount you would like to donate by re-entering a value in any of the boxes, this will recalculate the tonnes you will capture. Read our FAQs for more information.


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