Payroll Giving – one way to make someone smile

Make your donations go further by donating tax-free through our Payroll Giving scheme. £5 donation costs you £4 (or less if you pay higher rate tax). You can choose to support any charity, good cause or place of worship.

Charities need help now more than ever

Payroll Giving allows you to support any UK registered charity, not just the thousands listed on this site.  You can also choose to donate to any not-for-profit such as school PTAs or guide/scout troupes as well as any place of worship.

Charities need help now more than ever

As your donation through Payroll Giving is tax-free, it costs you less than your charity will receive.  For example a donation of £5 a month will cost you £4.  If you're happy for the donation to cost you £5 you can make your donation £6.25 and the cost to you out of your take-home pay will be £5.

Charities need help now more than ever

Regular donations are vital for charities so they can plan their activities, whether that is funding research, lobbying governments, providing care or setting in place contingencies should an emergency situation happen.  Donations allow them to carry out their vital work.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax effective way to give to any UK based charity from your pay. Surveys show that each month around two thirds of us give to charity. Giving regularly to your favourite charitable cause is an excellent way to help others and do something to make the world a better place.


How does it work?

Once authorised, the payroll department will deduct regular charitable donations from your pay. Your donation is then sent to Charities Trust who are approved by HM Revenue and Customs as a Charity Agency. The Agency then distributes the money to the charity or charities of your choice.


And the benefits?

Not only is Payroll Giving super simple, but it’s also super tax effective. How come? Because your donation gets deducted before you pay the taxman.  For instance, if you donate £5, only £4 comes out of your salary and the taxman pays the rest.

What if I change my mind?

No worries!  You can cancel your donation, change the amount, which charities you would like to support, at any time.


APGO Quality Mark - bronze Award
Payroll Giving Accreditation - 4 stars

£30M has been raised this year by employees. We are extremely proud of this!!!!

How much will my donation cost out of my take-home pay?

You donate   You pay
Cost to you as a 20% tax rate payer 
Cost to you as a 40% tax rate payer 
Cost to you as a 45% tax rate payer 

Many employers cover the small admin charge of 25p but if not this will be deducted from your donation.

Which charities can I support?

Donations can be made to any national/local charity or recognised good cause such as places of worship, schools and scout groups.

You can nominate more than one charity to benefit from your donations - and you can easily change the amount or nominated charities at any time.  If your chosen charity is not listed on this site you can still support them but please include the charity number so there is no delay in forwarding on your donation. 

A selection of charities you may wish to consider: 
International Rescue Committee UK - DEC member UNICEF Medecins Sans Frontieres Save The Children - DEC member Cancer Research UK Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice Blue-Cross The Royal British Legion Tenovus Cancer Care RSPCA Breast Cancer Care NSPCC Macmillan Cancer Support Ashgate Hospicecare

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