5 charities working in a variety of ways to improve animal welfare

Animal Health Trust - Registered Charity No.209642
'The science behind animal welfare' finds new treatments for diseases and injury, primarily in dogs and horses and provides 'second opinions' to vets in the UK.

The Blue Cross - Registered Charity No. 224392
'Britain's Pet Charity' finds loving homes for abused and unwanted pets and provides veterinary treatments for pets of owners on low income.

ILPH - International League for the Protection of Horses Registered Charity No. 2066658
'The world's leading international equine welfare charity'. Rehabilitates and rehomes neglected equines, campaigns on the issue of live transportation of horses, provides education & training on horse husbandry overseas.

SPANA – Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad - Registered Charity No. 209015
'Improves the conditions of working equines abroad' and trains locals in North Africa and the Middle East in good farriery techniques and veterinary care.

The Mayhew Animal Home - Registered Charity No.1077588
'Finds responsible owners for small animals' who have suffered cruelty and neglect and runs education projects to teach children care and respect for animals.

Funds raised by the Foundation are distributed equally amongst the five member charities..